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Importance of Musical Training Stickers for Beginners

Piano Stickers are one of those things that are very affordable and when chosen correctly can be highly effective. It will help an absolute beginner musician to progress a lot quicker than someone who goes about it blindly. They are an effective tool in your arsenal and here are all the reasons why piano stickers will help you learn the piano quickly.

It Helps You Visualize The Piano Effectively

One of the key fundamentals of becoming a pianist or a keyboardist is being able to visualize music on the instrument itself. Music is best described as a feeling and the piano itself is a mechanical entity. Marrying the two requires being able to transcribe that feeling into something you can manifest with your fingers and to do that, music has to be second nature to you. Where most people see keys on a piano, you should be able to instinctively look at a ley and know what note it is and how it sounds in your mind. This is also the part of the piano-learning process that has the steepest learning curve.

Piano stickers make that learning curve a lot gentler. They help you make that association between the physical keys and the music itself a lot easier. Once you have that down, the rest of the piano-learning process is pretty easy and straightforward.

It Helps You Read Music Faster

Another important part of the whole learning process is being able to play songs and compositions already out there. These are most commonly available in the form of sheet music and being able to read them is an essential skill if you want to become an all-around proficient pianist or any sort of musician for that matter. It is also one of the more tedious steps on the way to becoming a complete piano player. Many people even completely skip this step and while they can still learn to play the piano, they are never able to fully realize their piano-playing potential.

You won’t have to make that sacrifice with piano stickers like the ones we sell. They have the staff notation for each key displayed on them. This makes it very easy to pinpoint each note across octaves and with enough practice, you will be able to read musical notation as easily as you are reading these words right now. This will help you play some of the greatest compositions ever made while also making it easier to take part in band performances and be a part of orchestras and ensembles.

You Can Learn Piano On Your Own

Given the current situation and especially for working professionals, it can be really difficult to join a regular piano class or get a good piano teacher. However, there are plenty of resources in the form of videos and eBooks available online that can be just as effective as long as you can understand the musical lingo.

With piano stickers, you can do that very easily. You won’t have to guess or try and look for pictures to figure where a particular note referred to in the resource is. It will all be laid out in front of you in a manner that is very easy to understand and absorb.

It Makes Everything So Much Simpler

Ask anyone who once had a dream of learning to play the piano but has since abandoned it as to why they did so and the overwhelming majority of them will tell you that they just found the entire process too complicated. There is often a disconnect between the student or beginner and whatever approach they take to learning the piano.

Piano stickers can help bridge that gap. They act as a clear map on the keybed of a piano and will help you navigate your way from being an absolute beginner to an expert player in the quickest time frame possible. Given how they don’t cost a lot, they are a win-win whichever way you look at it.

Piano Stickers

Why Our Piano Stickers are the Best

There are many options in the market when it comes to Piano Stickers but none are as good as the ones you will find here. This is not an exaggeration but a statement of facts. Unlike most products that are launched with the profit margin in mind, our pianos stickers were designed, developed, and made with the primary intention of helping beginner musicians and students. A lot of research has gone into making sure that these stickers are extremely helpful in your journey of becoming a great piano or keyboard player.

Practical And Useful

Given the fact that knowing how to play a musical instrument and especially the piano is seen as a highly desirable trait, there exist a lot of gimmicky products that supposedly help you learn the piano “quickly and effectively”. Sadly, most of them are just that – a gimmick to make you spend your hard-earned money. Even most piano stickers will simply be a small circular piece of sticky paper with an alphabet denoting the name of each key. While this can be useful in the very initial stages of learning the piano, they will hardly be of any help beyond learning how to play very simple songs such as “Happy Birthday” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

That is what makes our stickers different. They have been designed to be actually helpful to aspiring pianists. Apart from the name of each note, these stickers also display the staff notation for each note. This simplifies one of the most important and difficult to learn aspects of playing the piano – learning to read music. A lot of thought and refinement has gone into making these stickers highly effective and in that regard, it has no equal.

High Quality

The piano is inarguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing musical instruments out there. The last thing anyone would want is to deface them with ugly stickers. That is why a lot of thought has gone into making our stickers not only visually appealing but also beautiful enough to actually enhance the look of a piano.

Another worry usually associated with stickers is that they can start to peel off on their own especially if they are touched all the time which is inevitable when playing the piano. That won’t happen with our stickers. They have been manufactured meticulously with a great deal of attention to quality. This ensures that they will stay in place and won’t come off unless you want them to.

These stickers are made of the highest quality materials and care has been taken to make sure that they are actually helpful in the learning process rather than being a hindrance. The last thing a beginner needs is something to come between them and the piano keys and the thinner profile of these stickers ensures just that.

Easy To Apply And Remove

Any resource out there will be rendered useless if using the resource itself is a difficult thing to do. To help avoid that we have gone the extra mile to make sure that these stickers are among the easiest to apply. They come neatly labeled and with legible instructions. This allows even an absolute novice to apply them to the keys of a piano or keyboard with ease. You will not need any additional tools to do this either.

Given how effective these stickers are, there will come a day when you will no longer need them, and removing these stickers is just as hassle-free. They won’t leave behind any dreaded glue residue either.

Affordably Priced

Cost is also a very important factor for someone starting out in the world of music and that is why our stickers are priced very affordably. You can get these stickers for less than what you would spend at a fast-food outlet and these stickers will be a lot more satisfying and rewarding. All this has been done without cutting any corners or making any compromises with quality. They are double-layered coated which makes them very durable. They won’t smudge off or lose their legibility with time and use.

A musician’s journey is one that is long. However, it can be made very easy and enjoyable and our piano stickers go a long way in helping with that and so much more.

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A Quick Guide for Piano Learning

A Quick Guide for Piano Learning

The piano is often seen as the pinnacle of musical instruments and with good reason. It is one of those rare instruments that has remained relevant across multiple eras of music and it is very popular across a wide group of music genres. The fact that it looks really classy is just an added bonus. However, given its popularity, there is this misconception that the piano is a difficult instrument to learn. This is not true though as with the right approach, everyone can learn the piano irrespective of their age or musical aptitude. So, what is this right approach we hear you asking? Let’s find out.


Get Yourself Some Piano Stickers

One of the biggest hurdles aspiring pianists face is with regards to identifying notes on the piano keyboard. It is the most fundamental skill that you will have to possess to be able to play music on the piano. It doesn’t matter if you are following the sheet music for a particular song or are just jamming along with other musicians. Being able to identify the notes associated with each key is very important. It will also mean that you won’t have to second-guess yourself every time you press a key.

A good set of piano stickers can make your life so much easier. The pianos stickers we offer can be applied very easily, they do not make the piano look ugly, and each of them is highly detailed. Along with the name of each key, these stickers also display the musical notation for each key. This will allow you to read and write music with an ease that was previously unknown to people learning piano. This will ensure that you will never hit a plateau and that the learning curve is as accessible as possible.


Seek The Help Of A Good Instructor

As any musician can attest to, you need a good teacher to be able to learn a musical instrument and it is no different when it comes to the piano. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get classes the traditional way which can also tend to be quite costly. There are enough free resources available online that are good enough to get started.

These coupled with our piano stickers are all you need to become proficient in the piano very quickly. In fact, our piano stickers are the only monetary investment that you will have to make and even they are very affordable. For a very nominal price, you can unlock the world of musical freedom with these stickers.


Practice Regularly

Everything mentioned so far is just an aid and it is ultimately your dedication that will make the difference. So, do not fall into the pitfall of not doing anything and expecting great results. The good news though is that with the approach we have outlined so far, you won’t stumble into that rabbit hole.

Our piano stickers make the entire experience fun and intuitive. This will, in turn, ensure that you are never bored during the learning process nor will it seem like you are trying to climb an insurmountable mountain. Far too many people have abandoned their pursuit of learning the piano because they often find themselves making little to no progress. You do not have to be discouraged like that and piano stickers are a great way of making steady progress on a daily basis.


Be Patient

The age-old saying that everything that is good takes time holds true for learning the piano as well. While all of us would love to play beautiful pieces of music on our first day itself, it isn’t possible. However, with the right tools, the journey to attaining proficiency in playing the piano can be made much more productive and enjoyable. This will further help you to stay focused on the learning part.

Learning any musical instrument is all about exploring the possibilities of that instrument and with piano stickers, you can unlock the work of pianos in a manner that was inaccessible for everyone but the most experienced pianists. It will take some time to learn the piano. Whether this time period is short or long will totally depend on the tools you use and piano stickers most definitely make a case for the former.