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Piano/Keyboard Stickers For Beginners For 49, 61, 76, 88 Key Keyboards and Pianos -Piano Stickers


PalaP Piano Black and White Sticker Label For 88 /61/ 54/ 49/ 37 keys
🎹 Large Size Keyboard/Piano Keys Stickers – Works on piano and keyboard layout with black and white keys 88 /61/ 54/ 49/ 37 keys. Piano sticker Size: White keys 35mm x 15mm; Black keys 25mm x 7mm.

🎹 Easy on Eyes – The stickers for white keys are printed clearly on transparent vinyl. They are clear and very pleasant to read and make learning piano easy & fun.
🎹 No Residue/Glue Left – On Removal of Stickers there won’t be any glue or residue left. It’s won’t make your piano dirty. Since it’s been printed on back side, the prints don’t fade away.
🎹 Classic Design – Purple Stickers are easy to read and recognize. Also this will match aesthetics of the Paino/Keyboard. It makes learning the notes easy and speeds memory of the keys. Perfect for piano learning beginners.
🎹 High Quality Stickers: PalaP always believes in quality and aesthetics to create master pieces. The stickers are printed on high quality vinyl so that they stay longer and make piano learning fun.




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